Peter Pollard Consultancy offers you one point of contact, saves you both time and money and gives you expert access to a large market place.

Peter Pollard Consultancy provides a completely independent one stop shop for the purchase of office furniture, design, planning and logistical support.

Passionate about the right blend of design and functionality we believe that you donʼt have to spend a fortune to achieve the best results. Clever use of product is by far the most effective way of creating efficiency in the workplace and subconsciously conveying the image of your company both to your clients and your staff.

Buying new office furniture can be both time consuming and expensive. However it doesnʼt have to be a drain on resources - Peter Pollard Consultancy will simplify the process for you putting together options and providing fully descriptive quotations so that you always stay in control of decision making and cost control. As we are not tied to anyone we are able to suggest the best options from the best manufacturers at any given price range and using our experience we only suggest items that we know will work.

As we purchase high quantities of furniture for many organizations every year, we buy from manufacturers at very competitive trade rates so that you are able to benefit from these savings even if your project is small.

By working with a wider team of outsourced experts to ensure a flexible tailor made approach we are able to deal with all related issues of the project whist still providing a single point of contact and responsibility. As we only hire in professional services as and when they are required, this helps cost control as your budget is targeted at the product you are buying rather than financing expensive overheads.